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Re: PC: 2004 Convention

Make sure you check under your chair! Good job on the convention! See ya in 
Cleveland next year!

--Chris Osterhus

>          I'd like to thank everyone for coming out to the Penn
>Central-Altoona Convention.  I hope everyone had a good time.
>          I have to thank Pat Mckinney for being my eyes and ears in
>Altoona. Also thanks to Chip Syme for keeping on schedule (by putting
>his foot in my rear on a weekly basis!). Also Ron Lutton for his help in
>getting us the NS-Juniata Shops tour. I have to thank Gary Farmer for
>the words of encouragement when I was starting to go nuts with the
>planning of the convention. Also thanks to all the slide presenters for
>sharing their PC collections. Great stuff!!!
>         See ya'll in Cleveland next year!!!!!!!
>Dave Hopson

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