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PC: 2005 Convention

Hello to All,
                  Had a great time at the 2005 convention and finally met alot of the wonderful people who's email responses I have read. Dave and Chip and their convention committee did a NUMBER ONE JOB.  Members from some distances came. Colorado,Texas,
Chicago,Philadelphia,New York state,North Jersey,Florida,Baltimore,Harrisburg area,Pittsburgh area,Ohio and probably more that I can't remember.
    Everything went smoothly and a great time was had by everyone at the Juniata Shop tour. Loads of great slides shows, tons of fantastic stories, many defibrillator crankers( everyone that attended knows what I mean),lots of models displays,modeling session, great train watching, muesum time,great belly filling banquet dinner and lots of items for display and for sale. Thank you to everyone who purchased items from me.
    Jim Hebner has done a wonderful job as President along with Chuck French and Mike Beverly. THANK YOU.
Pat McKinney

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