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PC: Saunders & Perlman Sound Bites?


I watched the recent political shindig in New York City one night, and managed to catch a few minutes of the Vice-President's speech. Later that evening, I was reading some commentary on the night's speeches, wherein I found a remark that the VP looked like someone giving the annual earnings report, or words to that effect. Being that it was around 1 or 2 in the morning when I did this, my brain mashed the image of the VP, the 'earnings report' quip, and the PC herald on my desk into recalling a photo of Stuart Saunders at some shareholders' meeting, giving the report.*

That got me to thinking later, "I've never heard the voices of Stuart Saunders or Alfred Perlman. I wonder if there's any footage or audio of them available, period."  Thus, I turn to y'all, wondering if there's _any_ kind of resource short of CBS News or other national news bureaus that would have this sort of thing. 

Thanks in advance,
Michael Worrell

* Whether the fact that R.B. Cheney made me think of S.T. Saunders is a good thing or a bad thing is not something I wish to contemplate. I have no political purpose in making the comparison, and this message is not an endorsement of any candidate. Unless of course it's a challenger to Wright Patman. 

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