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PC: Re: PC book cover (Really!)

I had one a few years ago...it was on glossy paper, just like the kind I
used in high school in the 60's. I don't remember what I did with it, but
yes, they are out there.
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Sent: Saturday, August 21, 2004 9:37 PM
Subject: PC: PC book cover (Really!)

> Hi everyone,
> Last weekend at Summerail, a friend who was selling railroadiana at the
> flea market stopped me and told me he had a Penn Central item that I *had*
> to see. It was a Penn Central book cover, like the type of book cover used
> to cover your textbooks in high school. It had a large picture of a Penn
> Central Metroliner train somewhere on the Northeast Corridor. The train
> itself is in black-and-white, but the rest of the picture has an orange
> tone to it. In white letters, it reads "KEEP OFF THE TRACKS...unless
> on a train/Penn Central Route of the Metroliner". It was too large to fit
> on my scanner, so here's a picture of part of it:
> http://pc.smellycat.com/docs/passenger/bookcover.jpg
> Along the top of the book cover are installation instructions. The left
> margin has an open area marked "THIS SPACE FOR DOODLING" and the right
> margin has a place for the student to record their name, address, etc. It
> was published by The Colad Company of Buffalo, NY.
> Turns out my friend was looking to sell it, so it come home with me for a
> reasonable price. Out of all the PC railroadiana I've seen, this one was a
> new one to me. Anyone ever see a PC book cover like this before, either in
> school or at a railroadiana flea market? I'm just kind of curious how
> unusual this is, and if PC regularly partnered with schools, etc., to
> promote railroad safety in this way. (Obviously this was way before
> Operation Lifesaver came along.)
> Of course, I'll probably find out later that Gary Farmer has a case of
> in his basement... :-)
> -JWJ

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