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PC: No New Haven C425s out west under PC

Sorry, no NH Centuries wandering the West.

September/October Diesel Era, 1998, P. 49, article by Paul Withers:

"In 1969, the New Haven Railroad became the New Haven Region. The C-425s'
2550-series road numbers were exchanged for 2450-series numbers and the
orange-and-white-trimmed NH paint scheme gave way to solid black with white
lettering. Because they lacked dynamic brakes and cab signal equipment, the
remained assigned to Cedar Hill in the PC era."

The article does go on to say that in the CR era, these units moved to Brier
Hill on the former EL, but they were either PC blac, CR black, or CR blue by
that time.


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Subject: PC: New Haven out west
> After the NH was taken over, how frequently did NH locomotives (and
> cabooses even) make it to more western parts of the system, such as PA,
> OH, etc.? I know the FL9s were sent to the ex-NYC commuter lines, but I'm
> wondering how often an orange RS3 or a black and orange C425, RS11, or
> would make an appearance at Conway or Collinwood.
> Reason I ask is that I'm trying to determine how much, if any, NH power I
> can have on my western Pennsylvania model railroad and still make it seem
> realistic. I'm trying to walk the fine line between what technically could
> have happened and what probably did happen in terms of motive power
> Thanks,
> -JWJ

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