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Re: PC: New Haven out west

I would think that the Motive Power Dept. might have tried to keep the
former NH engines close to whichever shops were most familiar with them
as far as builders were concerned.  Examples of ths might be sending FM
s to Chicago or ALCOs to the Mingo Jct. area.  The former New Haven shop
forces might not have been especially familiar with EMD products as they
had only the FL-9s, GP-9s and SW1200s to take care of before the merger
but loads of ALCOs and a few FMs.
 Different subject:
 Spotted today in North Yard, Framingham, MA Penn Central gondola 598198
class G44, still in green with full PC markings except reporting marks
are now NYC.  Haven't seen one of these here for quite a while.  Most of
the older gons around here lately have been from southern roads: SCL,
SBD, RF&P etc.
 John W.

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