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PC: New Haven out west

Guess everyone's been on vacation the last week or two and haven't been 
around to talk about PC stuff... :)

We all know that on 1/1/69 the Penn Central took over the New Haven and 
began to integrate NH's equipment into the PC roster. However, it seems 
like most pictures I've seen of former New Haven equipment were all in 
*former NH* territory. Its almost like the ex-NH motive power stayed home 
and "didn't get out much."

After the NH was taken over, how frequently did NH locomotives (and 
cabooses even) make it to more western parts of the system, such as PA, NY, 
OH, etc.? I know the FL9s were sent to the ex-NYC commuter lines, but I'm 
wondering how often an orange RS3 or a black and orange C425, RS11, or U25B 
would make an appearance at Conway or Collinwood.

Reason I ask is that I'm trying to determine how much, if any, NH power I 
can have on my western Pennsylvania model railroad and still make it seem 
realistic. I'm trying to walk the fine line between what technically could 
have happened and what probably did happen in terms of motive power assignment.


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