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Re: PC: PC Train Symbols - SV to TV

Interestingly, Conrail revived the use of the SV symbols around 1995.  Up on 
the NYC main, it was cool to hear the Buffalo mainline dispatcher call 
"SV-6", as this was one of the Central's Flexix Van trains.  Conrail had 
decided to use the SV for "premium" service van trains, but for whatever 
reason dropped it after a period.  CR also revived the old NYC "ML" symbols 
for multi - level autorack trains and it remained until the unfortunate NS / 
CSX split.
The Penn Central created the TrailVan service name by combining the "Trail" 
from PRR's "Truc Train" trailer service and the "Van" from the NYC's 
"SuperVan" service.

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