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PC: Re: No more PC MP54 at the RR Museum of PA

Since I haven't been to Strasburg since the first PCRRHS convention, could you (or someone) elaborate on this "hazardous material" issue at the Museum?
I only have secondhand info, but I deal with regulators enough to know that the situation is ridiculous.  Heard there were some steam engines with asbestos insulation, but the money was only provided to take the stuff out, not to put the parts back again!  You can be sure it's a political issue, as anyone in there right mind would know that walking past a car with, for example, asbestos floor tiles is harmless.  I was under the impression that the PCB's were previously removed from transformers, but maybe not.   However, as the museum is always looking for funding, it would not be responsible in the long run to tell these regulators to take a hike.  So much for common sense.

Since the MP54 car was already gone, the reasons didn't matter to me so I didn't ask.  Interestingly though, their 2001 brochure doesn't even list the car as a highlight of the restoration yard.  I would infer that to mean it was low on the priority list.  Lot's of them around on tourist roads, but not painted in PC green.


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