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PC: No more PC MP54 at the RR Museum of PA

For anyone who knew about the MP54 that was still in PC colors at the the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania (Strasburg) for the last 15 years or so, it is gone.  I was quite disappointed to hear this today when I visited the museum.  They said it was scrapped in the spring.

Besides being a rusty mess, I suppose the overblown "hazardous" material situation the lawyers have them over-reacting to pushed this piece of equipment over the edge.  The yard is STILL roped off, hardly making it worthwhile to venture outside.  Couldn't even get a clear shot of that great X54 they recently acquired.  Can you tell this annoyed me?  So now there is nothing PC in there, since the H30 has been nicely restored to a PRR scheme.

Now a question - Does anyone have available actual measurments of the lettering from this MP54, or any other one for that matter?  I'd be very interested in verifying some of the "standard" lettering sizes that were used.  Thanks.

Jim Homoki

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