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RE: PC: PC Caboose N10 #24049 (fwd)

I have a black and white, extremely clear 11" X 8" black and white builder - 
quality" photo of one of these N-10 cabins I can provide you if you'd like.  
Let me know.
Jim Kosty
Corning NY

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>Subject: PC: PC Caboose N10 #24049 (fwd)
>Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 09:17:43 -0400 (EDT)
>Posted to our PC board, looks like one the PCHS should be able to handle.
>PC Caboose N10 #24049
>Post by gneatjr 06/28/04 at 21:06:31 in "Penn Central"
>The Youngwood Historical & Railroad Museum has in its care the last class 
>N10 caboose built in Altoona #24049. Over the next few months we are 
>looking to restore the exterior of it. We are looking for all the 
>information and help on this project we can get, this also includes any 
>history or pictures of it while in service for PC & Conrail. The exterior 
>of the caboose was repainted years ago with Wal-mart paint that comes close 
>to the PC green. We plan repainting it the true PC green if we can get the 
>correct numbers to make the paint. If anyone has information that could 
>help use revive this gem please forward it to us. I look forward to 
>receiving any information. You can view a picture of the caboose on our 
>website. Website address listed below. The link directly to the picture is:
>Thank you in advance.
>George Neat, General Manager, Youngwood Historical & Railroad Museum.
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