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PC: PC Caboose N10 #24049 (fwd)

Posted to our PC board, looks like one the PCHS should be able to handle.


PC Caboose N10 #24049
Post by gneatjr 06/28/04 at 21:06:31 in "Penn Central"
The Youngwood Historical & Railroad Museum has in its care the last class N10 caboose built in Altoona #24049. Over the next few months we are looking to restore the exterior of it. We are looking for all the information and help on this project we can get, this also includes any history or pictures of it while in service for PC & Conrail. The exterior of the caboose was repainted years ago with Wal-mart paint that comes close to the PC green. We plan repainting it the true PC green if we can get the correct numbers to make the paint. If anyone has information that could help use revive this gem please forward it to us. I look forward to receiving any information. You can view a picture of the caboose on our website. Website address listed below. The link directly to the picture is: 


Thank you in advance. 
George Neat, General Manager, Youngwood Historical & Railroad Museum.

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