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Re: PC: Publisher Newell Blair Dies

PC listers

If you are not familiar with the Corporate Reorganization Reporter, it is an excellent source for bankruptcy documents on the Penn Central.  Judge Fullam decided early on that the scope of the bankruptcy would undoubtedly set a number of legal precedents and thus ordered  the PC to pay to have the case carefully documented.  Thus, the Corporate Reorganization Reporter was born.  It is a twenty or twenty one (I forget) volume compendium of PC bankruptcy documents.  As you probably know, each document that passed through the bankruptcy court received a number,  I believe (again the exact number escapes me) that the total number of numbered documents exceeds 20,000. 

The Corporate Reorganization Reporter compiles some of these documents (the first 19 or 20 volumes) in numerical order.  I don't know what the criteria was to make it to the Reorganization Reporter, but it appears that most of the key bankruptcy documents are there.   The last volume is an index (numerical and subject) of all the numbered documents. 

The Reorganization Reporter is a valuable research tool if you can get your hands on one.  Interlibrary loan will probably provide you with one or two volumes but not the whole thing.  If you live in or near Philadelphia, you can research all the numbered documents at the Philadelphia Region Branch of the National Archives (for whom I work).

BTW, I was offered the Corporate Reorganization Reporter by a paralegal who worked on the PC reorganization and I turned it down.  $1000 was a bit too much for me then (and now).  

Here is the citation if you are interested in trying the interlibrary loan route. 

Corporate Reorganization Reporter. In the Matter of the Penn Central Transportation Company, Debtor, Reorganization Proceedings, U.S. District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Washington, D.C.: Corporate Reorganization Reporter, 1981. 

Bob Holzweiss

>>> w8ln -AT- juno.com 06/23/04 08:34PM >>>
I came across the following news item in a search. I thought it might be
of interest. I didn't get to read it because you have to hassle with
registration, but I thought some on the list might be interested.

ATTORNEY, Publisher Newell Blair Dies
Washington Post - Washington,DC,USA
... In 1970, Mr. Blair started a legal newsletter, Corporate
Reporter, which followed the bankruptcy proceedings of the Penn Central
Railroad. ...

Bryan Turner   W8LN
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