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Re: PC: "Flex-Van" trademark

NYC also developed another "Flexi" service in an experimental covered hopper 
car.  The car had inflatable lining inside which worked to aid in the 
complete emptying of the car's lading.  There was an article in a 1966 NYC 
Headlight company magazine I had about this.  It was to be called by the 
trade name of "Flexi - Flator".  Externally, the car looked most like the 
Pullman Standard modern ribbed - side covered hoppers.  This "other" Flexi 
service was little - remarked outside of this article in the NYC company 
NYC did a lot of research and development at their facility in Cleveland 
Ohio.  They perfected the Jet Snowblower, the Vortacool water coolers for 
diesel cabs for drinking water, plastic third rail covers (instead of 
wooden), and numerous other innovations such as radar motion detectors 
(Alertor) systems to detect lack of motion in the cab of locomotives (high - 
tech deadman's pedals).
Most of this was done under the tenure of the late, great Al Perlman.  He 
was truky an innovator and a visionary that helped bring about the modern 
railroads of today.

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