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PC: why it was Flexi

Hi all---The "Flexi" refers to the flexibility of the service. Both Flexi-van and Flexi-flo indicated the intermodal nature of the service provided, and the ability to meet special needs in regards to lading transfer.
The Flexi-van process allowed for the easy (for the time) truck-rail-truck transfer, and the Flexi-flo allowed the cars to be loaded from silos, truck, barges or any other container with the loading equipment, and to be unloaded and transferred just as easily. I have seen a number of photos showing Flexiflos sitting on a siding with just a wheeled unloader transferring the material to waiting trucks. No special site was needed, any siding or railhead with truck access would suffice. THAT is flexibility!
The comparison to the INFLEXIBILITY of prior cars (box cars, covered hoppers that required below-ground or elaborate transfer systems, etc.) was used to display the advantages of the two NYC "Flexi" systems.
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 Flexi seems like an NYC marketing prefix for fast special service (re: Flexi-Flo bulk covered hopper service), and I'd guess fell out of favor after Penn Central washed it's hands of it. In any event, the fact that it's used by a container/carrier trailer/tralier service is pretty fitting when you look at it.

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