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PC: NYC and Pennsy

Does anyone on this message board go back as far as the NYC and the Pennsy?  
I'm trying to get information about someone who disappeared years ago, about 
pre-WW II in Ohio, near Bellefontaine, along the tracks there somewhere.  He 
was a Big Four employee, I think before it was the NYC.  I'm corresponding 
with his granddaughter, and will have his full name from her soon.  I recall my 
father mentioning the incident, tho.  Also would like info on whether the 
Pennsy had oil wells pumping along its right-of-way, as did the NYC, since 
Pennsylvania had/has oil, as did/does Ohio, Indiana and Illinois in those halcyon 
pre-war days.  If I can remember it, maybe someone else is still alive who can 
Diana Bristow
Diticat03 -AT- aol.com

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