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PC: New PRR Lines West.

Hey Guys.

      There is a new book out titled "Pennsylvania Railroad-Lines West,
Vol 1-Pittsburgh to St. Louis:1960 to 1999". This book is packed with
alot of Penn Central photos. I would say this book has more Penn Central
and Conrail then PRR. It's a good book due to the fact that there are
hardly any Lines West books out. There are quite a few shots of the
towers that were along the Panhandle during the PC era. Lots of early
      The book is all color with 133 pages. Nice clear pictures through
out the book with some real PC crankers! The book is by Steve Hipes and
David Oroszi. The book is published by "The Railroad Press" and sells
for $50 to 60 dollars, depending on where you buy it.

Dave Hopson


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