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PC: Quick Review: Bowser N-8 First Impressions

I just received my Bowser PC N-8 via UPS.  I thought everyone would like a
quick first-look review.

The kit is #56317.  This is the scheme with the horizontal white stripe
across the middle of the car sides.  At first the kit looked pretty good,
but then I started to notice some annoying things.

Pros:  Detailing is pretty good.  The roof walks are very thin and
see-through.  The separate grabs are also quite thin and are painted (or
maybe molded) in yellow.  The finish on the car is very flat.  Flush fitting
window glazing is included.  Lettering is pretty good (though the trust
plate (?) on the top right corner of the car side is missing).  Kadee
compatible couplers are provided as well as horn hooks.  A choice of two
types of stack is provided.

Cons:  The coupler box ends are flush with the end sills, whereas photos
I've seen show the draft gear extending beyond the end sill (cushioning?).
The entire cupola casting is black.  For this scheme, I believe the sides
and ends should be PC green.  The steps are green; we'll have to paint them
yellow.  The brake wheels are molded in black and unpainted--we'll have to
paint them green.  The step railings on the inside of the steps are molded
as part of the body.  They look good, but on some cars they were painted
yellow (I haven't found a photo of 23355, so I don't know about this
particular one).  The real N-8s had a vertical railing on the outside of the
steps, too.  The kit doesn't and the end pieces (p/n 74342) are so thin that
it would be a real challenge to drill holes for brass wire.

My kit was also missing the trucks (p/n 74277).  I am anticipating that
Bowser will make good on this omission.  According to the instructions,
these are held in place by a plastic pin.  I'm still a fan of 2-56 screws,
so I'll toss the pins.

I can't comment on how the finished caboose looks, yet, but I thought I'd
share some initial impressions.


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