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PC: PC still in the news...sort of...

>From todays Business First of Buffalo online edition...

9:26 AM EDT Monday

Railroad credit union moves, adds services

The Niagara Falls Penn Central Employees Credit Union has received
regulatory approval to relocate from 8610 Buffalo Ave. to 8612 Buffalo
Ave., Niagara Falls.

The new location, which amounts to going to the first floor from the
second floor of the same building, is expected to be accomplished by June

The $6.5 million-asset, state-chartered credit union was founded in 1939
originally for employees of the New York Central Railroad, which later
became Penn Central Railroad. Its 1,100 current members and their families
represent railroad employees of CSX, Norfolk Southern and Amtrack.

The small credit union, which is expanding beyond basic services, will
launch a debit card program by September and also is considering
establishing certificates of deposit and home equity loan businesses soon,
Manager Kaylee Spancic said.

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