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PC: Updated N.E. Proto meet info -- June 4-5

>From the people who brought you the 2003 Penn Central Railroad Historical Society Convention ...

Northeast/New England	
Prototype Modelers Meet	
June 4-5, 2004   

9 a.m. to 11 p.m. each day	 	
Canton Community Center		
40 Dyer Avenue, Collinsville, CT	
Meet cost: $20 in advance, $25 at door

For more information, contact 
Dave Owens at dowens -AT- courant.com 
or 203-757-8663

Please remember that the heart of the meet is the model dislay. Bring your models, finished and unfinished, to display in the model room. There's no judging. The goal is to share information and techniques.

We'll also have some dealers on Saturday.

Also, as a bonus to people arriving early, Bill Schneider of Branchline Trains will open the Branchline factory for tours on Thursday evening. Email or call me for details.

Scheduled programs include:

Prototype weathering with Mike Rose and Ned Carey. Learn Mike's techniques, and then employ them in a hands-on clinic. Bring a model and if possible a prototype photo of it.

Scratchbuilding basics with Roger Moreau. Roger's scratchbuilt Schnable car was a big hit last year. This year he's working on a dockside container crane and will offer a hands-on clinic. Bring tools.

Prototype intermodal operations with Ramon C. Rhodes. Ramon will show how the prototype railroads do it, and how you can do it on your model railroad.

Modeling catenary with Rick Abramson. Rick is a well-known New Haven modeler whose catenary layout is scheduled to be featured in the August Model Railroader.

The milk market for the PRR, RDG and CNJ with John Greene. John is the owner of Bethlehem Car Works.

Vehicle Modeling with George Barrett. George is the owner of Sheepscot Scale Models, producer of fine vehicle, structure and maritime kits.

The Railway Express Agency with Victor Roseman. You may know Victor as a first-class modeler and author whose work has graced several magazines.

Resin casting with Ben Brown. Ben will reprise his popular clinic from last year.

Cool things to model with Den Lippert. Den will present interesting things he's spotted on his railfanning journeys.

Modeling a MEC/Guilford U18B with Mike Rose. Mike recently completed one of these GE units and will show you how to build one.

The Joy of Scratchbuilding with Mike Tylick. The title says it all. 

New England milk trains with Don Valentine of New England Rail Service. Don will also lead a workshop on kitbashing Rivarossi 12-1 sleepers and other cars. Bring a car to work on!

Pullman Cars with Al Hoffman. Al will talk about the cars that each railroad operated when the feds broke up the Pullman Co. 

Also featuring Tom Nanos, Bob LaMay, Pete McLachlan, Jeff Hanke, Jim Tylick, Dave Geisler, Al Westerfield, Neil Gage and J.P. Barger.

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