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PC: Return from Cinci

Hi guys and gals,

Yesterday evening I returned from the PRRT&HS convention in Cincinnati. 
While not a strict PC event, there was some PC content that I thought I'd 
pass along.

First of all, the convention was very well done. The highlight was Saturday 
night's dinner in the rotunda of Cincinnati Union Terminal. (PC passenger 
trains used to stop there before the Amtrak takeover.) The presentations 
and the field trip to the Railroad Museum of Greater Cincinnati were 
excellent as well. And of course, I greatly lightened my wallet in the 
vendor room too. :-)

The PCRRHS was also well-represented. Members (and listers) Chip Syme, Dave 
Hopson, and Mike Bradley were there, along with Rusty Donald, Bob O'Leary, 
and possibly a couple others that I can't remember right now. It should 
come as no surprise to anyone who has been to a PCRRHS convention that our 
table was the loudest one at dinner. :-)

Before dinner, we were allowed to go through the Cincinnati History Museum, 
which had on display a number of original PRR calendar paintings, including 
some by Grif Teller. I felt this feeling of being in the presence of 
history as I looked at two of his original paintings (one summer, one 
winter) of trains on Horse Shoe Curve. Before the after-dinner 
presentation, an acknowledgement was given to the "Penn Central 
Corporation" for arranging the display of the paintings. The PCRRHS folks 
got a good chuckle out of that, especially hearing that at a Pennsy convention!

Some PC equipment still exists around Cinci. The Railroad Museum of Greater 
Cincinnati rosters an ex-PRR E8 and several passenger cars, including an 
RPO, a baggage car, a coach, and an observation, all in the process of 
restoration. There's also a PRR SW1 in PRR paint which doesn't run yet, but 
hopefully will soon. I also found in the rear of the lot an old New Haven 
coach that they would like to trade. I don't remember seing anything from 
the NYC though...maybe one of the other guys who was there can refresh my 

There were several excellent model railroads which were open for tours over 
the weekend. One of them had a shiny PC GP38 parked in its engine terminal. 
I got a lot of ideas and inspiration from seeing these other layouts.

All in all, it was an excellent weekend. I'm looking forward to just as 
good a time, if not a better one, at the PCRRHS convention in Altoona this 
September. And now, time to go work on the layout... :-)


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