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Re: PC: Cleveland area tracks

Good to know those tracks are still there, and remembered as I remember them 
from childhood.  And adulthood.  When I was a flight attendant, laying over in 
CLE, we'd hop on the Rapid from Hopkins into Cleveland Terminal, where we 
layed over at the Sheraton, if I remember it correctly...which was in the 
Terminal bldg.  From there I could take the Rapid to Cleveland Heights where my 
parents then lived.  My dad had one of his offices in the Terminal bldg., so I'd 
often meet him there for lunch or dinner, and Mom would come in on the Rapid and 
we'd shop at Higbee's, which had an entrance from the Terminal bldg.  
Stouffer's first restaurant was nearby.  In other words, it seemed like the 
world began and ended right there in the Cleveland Terminal!  Memories.  
Diana Bristow

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