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Re: PC: Cleveland area tracks

> Last Monday afternoon I was sitting in Terminal D of
> the Cleveland airport waiting for a connection.
> Searching maps I've discovered the highway right next
> to it is 480.  On the other side of the highway is a
> railline on which I saw a NS intermodal fly by.
> Was that a former Conrail/PC line?


You were looking at the former CONRAIL (New York Central, Penn Central)
Lakefront Division.  To the east (Cleveland) is the #1 Drawbridge (over the
Cuyahoga River--busiest in the world).  To the west is Berea interlocking
(the tower no longer houses an operator but is still used by MW, etc.).
West of Berea this becomes the Toledo Division to Chicago.

CSX now uses the interlocking at Berea, which has become even more of a Hot
Spot.  Some CSX trains at Berea eventually find there way though my backyard
here via the ex-B&O.

Most of the eastbound Norfolk Southern trains you were observing pass my
railfan B&B here in Fallston, west of Conway Yard and Pittsburgh.

Terry Stuart
62 Beaver Street
Fallston, PA  15066
Over 100 Trains Every 24 Hours on CSX and NS

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