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PC: E8 Question


I have a question about PC E8s.  In the picture on Jerry's web site at
http://pc.smellycat.com/pics/newhaven/pc4251_nl.jpg you will note that 4251 is a former PRR unit (lifting lugs are a dead give a way) but it has a NYC style freight pilot instead of the PRR passenger pilot and the headlight is horizontal rather the usual PRR vertical.  It also appears to have NYC style spark arresters although I have seen PRR units with similar equipment.

I have also seen the pilot and headlight arrangement on several other former PRR E8s operated by PC and later in Amtrak service.  Does anyone know why this is?  Was it because of an accident or because the 4251 operated in a somewhat captive service on the Shore Line and in Boston commuter service?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Bob Holzweiss

P.S.  Jerry, kudos on your site.  Easy to navigate and highly informative, something I cannot say about a lot of other railroad sites out there.

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