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Re: PC: Re:PC MW cars

Well, how can we get this project back on track? Perhaps if we start a work
group we can assist Mark with it. It would be a terrible shame to just let
it sit, or worse, eventually be lost. I'm in!


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> Craig E. Hatter wrote:
> > Does anyone know if these are in MS Excel format? If not, it is still a
> > fairly simple, but time consuming, task to transfer to this format. And
> > a CD could hold all that data and a whole lot more. Plus we are talking
> > about a book or books that would equal approximately 3-4 1980's
> > ORERs.
> Mark one time told me that the rosters were in Excel format, and the file
> was around 25 MB in size. That alone might choke some people's computers!
> -JWJ

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