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Re: PC: Re:PC MW cars

Does anyone know if these are in MS Excel format? If not, it is still a fairly simple, but time consuming, task to transfer to this format. And a CD could hold all that data and a whole lot more. Plus we are talking about a book or books that would equal approximately 3-4 1980's ORERs. If he copyrighted the format and data, with some known errors thrown in to catch the thieves and pirates, the likelihood of selling dupes would be diminished. This same thing happened to the L&N HS  member that compiled the diesel roster data. He gave me a copy complete with hand corrections which I sat on for 6 years before TLC published the L&N diesel book. About 6 months prior to that date, a softbound copy of said roster was published with the original errors and no corrections.  Where he obtained the original is not known, but there were a couple of suspects. Nothing was ever proven and the pirated version sold very few copies. FWIW.
Well, and printing all those copies on "spec" without money ahead of time would be riiiisky. Personally, I'd be willing to drive from Detroit to buy a copy!
Wiping away the drool at the thought of all that knowledge,
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Then there is hauling 4000 pages home  times X number of people - packing - shipping - It would get ugly quick.
Jim Hebner

PKMac101@aol.com wrote:
       Most copy services would have a volume price. Doing 4,000 copies should give you a price of about $.03 or $.04 per page. Then you are looking at spreading out a cost of $120.00 or $160.00. So if all the volumes total the 4,000 pages then the price of 8 books at 500 pages each is not all that bad.


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