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Re: PC: Re:PC MW cars

Well, and printing all those copies on "spec" without money ahead of time would be riiiisky. Personally, I'd be willing to drive from Detroit to buy a copy!
Wiping away the drool at the thought of all that knowledge,
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From: Jim Hebner
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Then there is hauling 4000 pages home  times X number of people - packing - shipping - It would get ugly quick.
Jim Hebner

PKMac101@aol.com wrote:
       Most copy services would have a volume price. Doing 4,000 copies should give you a price of about $.03 or $.04 per page. Then you are looking at spreading out a cost of $120.00 or $160.00. So if all the volumes total the 4,000 pages then the price of 8 books at 500 pages each is not all that bad.


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