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PC: Re:PC MW cars

Hiya Lon---For those of us not "in the know", what did  happen to that project? There might be lessons in it for some of us thinking about doing something creative in the field.
Well, I am not really in the know for the current plans of Mark.
The problem was in copying the massive work. The coal hopper volume alone was over 500 pages. Mark paid for ink and paper where he works and used the industrial copier there. The company policy just so happened to change after he produced a few volumes. The policy now forbids the use of company machines. Mark is screwed. The costs of having it produced by a copy shop would be astronomical and the project has been tabled. I dunno what 4+- thousand pages for the set  would cost to xerox.
  Mark has the info, so it is not like it is 'lost' and never will be seen. 
Now, the possible solution may be to use CD's. However, there is a major problem with that....piracy. We see that from the music industry battles that rage. There will be someone who will burn copies and sell them on Ebay. The protection of people's property and work must be respected and Mark put SO much time into this, I would discourage him and anyone from taking this route.
The answer is a "paper based" roster for one's own protection. It is so big, nobody will "steal" it, but that is the problem also, it is so costly to produce.

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