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PC: Re: Penn Central Digest V4 #6

GJDamien -AT- aol.com wrote:

Does anyone know of a publication or have information on all of the PC (PRR 
heritage) heavyweight passenger and baggage cars relegated to MW service ? 
Thanks, GJDamien -AT- aol.com 

You should take a look at the following soft covers by Liljestrand and Sweetland.  They are all available on-line or in hobby stores.

Passenger Equipment of the Pennsylvania Railroad Vol. 1, Coaches 
Passenger Equipment of the Pennsylvania Railroad Vol. 2, Sleepers 
Passenger Equipment of the Pennsylvania Railroad Vol. 3, Parlor Cars 

The sleeper and parlor car books have good rosters of car conversions to MofW but they end with the PC era.  If these rosters are accurate, I don't know.  For baggage car conversions, I don't think there are any published sources.  You may want to contact the PRRT&HS.  They may be able to point you to a published source or research the question in their archives.

The discussion of rail books leads me to a somewhat related issue.  If you are looking for a good source for rare and out-of-print railroad books and magazines, point your browser to http://www.railpub.com/pricelist.pdf.  Paul Gibson runs Railpub.com part time from his home.  He lives in Massachusetts so most of the stuff he picks up at shows is relevant to the northeastern rail scene.  I have found his prices to be reasonable (not great) and the quality of the books excellent.  The beauty of Railpub is that he sells back issues of just about every rail magazine, newsletter, or historical society publication ever published.  No, I am not affiliated with Railpub or Mr. Gibson.  I have been purchasing various books and magazines for my collection from him for about six years.  I share this information with you because I am a very satisfied customer.  

BTW, the current catalog has a copy of the Penn Central System Bi-Annual for $95.00.  Not cheap, but better than the normal $125.  
Bob Holzweiss

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