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PC: Books, Magzines & Articles on PC

Hello Gang,

In case you're looking for some more reading or collecting on the Penn
Central. Here's a list of what I'm aware of pertaining to books, magazines,
articles and video's specifically on the Penn Central or sections pertaining
to the Penn Central.

I think we need another book on hte PC!

Enjoy! Chuck

Penn Central Related Books:

A Sampling of Penn Central (Taylor) 1973
A Sampling of Penn Central (Taylor) 2000
Penn Central Bi-Annual (Reid) 1973
Penn Central Power (Robert J. Yanosey) 1987
Penn Central Color Guide (Kinkaid)
Wreck of The Penn Central, Hard Cover (Daughen & Binzen) 1971
Wreck of The Penn Central, Paper Back (Daughen & Binzen) 1971
Wreck of The Penn Central, Paper Back (Daughen & Binzen) 1999
No Way To Run A Railroad (Salsbury)
The Fallen Colossus, Hard Cover (Sobel)
The Fallen Colossus, Paper Back (Sobel)
Riding The Pennsy To Ruin (Dow Jones & Co.)
Railroad Mergers (History, Analysis & Insight) (Frank N. Wilner)
Merging Lines (Richard Saunders, Jr.)
The Coming of the New York & Harlem RR (Grogan)
Diesels to Park Avenue, The FL-9 Story, (Joseph R. Snopek and Robert A. La May)
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie RR (McLean)
Triumph I (Roberts)
Triumph II (Messer/Roberts)
Triumph III (Messer/Roberts)
Triumph IV (Messer/Roberts)
Triumph V (Messer/Roberts)
Altoona Action (Biery & Serensits)
The Amtrak Story by Frank N. Wilner
Great Business Disasters (Isadore Barmash)
Mail Line to Oblivion (Robert B. Carson)
America's New Railroads (Robert S. Carper)
Railroad History, (Robert F. Holzweiss) Spring-Summer 2003

Goverment Books:

Failing Railroads Part 1, (91st Congress, Second Session) June 25, 26 & July
22, 1970
Failing Railroads Part 2, (91st Congress, Second Session) July 29, 30 & Aug.
7, 1970
Penn Central Transportation Company: (91st Congress, Second Session) Sept. 24, 1970
The Ruin Of A Railroad (92nd Congress First Session) January 2, 1972 (Hard Cover)
The Ruin Of A Railroad (92nd Congress First Session) January 2, 1972 (Soft Cover)
The Financial Collapse of Penn Central August 1972
Penn Central Railroad crew consist labor-management dispute, February 8, 1973
Penn Central Railroad Crew Dispute - February 1973
A Report to the Senate Committee on Commerce on the Penn Central December 1973

Booklets and Magazines:

Penn Central Northeast Rail Scene #6 (Pennisi)
Penn Central Diesel Spotters Guide (Reid)
Penn Central Guide To Horseshoe Curve magazine (Reid)
18 PC Railroader magazines-Jan-Feb 73 thru Nov-Dec 75, (Reid)
Rails Northeast magazines-Jan-Feb 76 thru Jul-Aug 84, (Reid) 94 issues
PC-Railfan magazines-Jan-Feb 75 thru Jan-Feb 76, (Jerome Rosenfeld) 7 issues
Time Magazine, Penn Centralís Stuart Sanuders, January 26, 1968
Extra 2200 South Magazines, PC Power Roster, 5/69, 6/69, 7-8/69, 3 issues
Collecting Penn Central Timetables Compendium #733 by Ed Gardner
The Timetable Collector by the NAOTC Inc. Volume V, #3 March 1974
The Timetable Collector by the NAOTC Inc. #69 March 1995
Railroad Magazines (Penn Central Power Roster)) 8/76, 9/76, 10/76, 11/76,
12/76, 1/77, 2/77, 7 issues
The New York Times Magazine, The Penn Central, November 3, 1974
Railpace Newsmagazine, October 1987, The Making of Penn Central Power (Book)
Diesel Era Magazine, September/October 1997, Penn Central GP-38 Engine Roster
Diesel Era Magazine, September/October 2002, Penn Central GP-40 Engine Roster
Diesel Era Magazine, March/April 2003, PC RS-3M, GP-8 & GP-10 Engine Rosters
The Railroad Press Magazine, 4/5/6, 1999, Issue #41, Penn Central Spectacular


April 1968 - SD40 6040 at Horseshoe Curve. Will Penn Central be the biggest & best?
August 1968 - Several PC items.
November 1968 - 'Empire Service trains'
February 1969 - 'Kankakee Belt Railroad'
July 1970 - " The Classic GG1." 
August 1970 - by John Fellow, " The Metroliner can't afford to be Another
April 1971 - One - half of GG1 no. 4848 at Penn Central shop
May 1971 - 'Penn Central Management Problems'
June 1971 - Article by Herbert H. Harwood Jr. - "Why Railroad Profits are accidental
September 1971 - " The Case of the Shipper Who Owns His Own Train
April 1972 - "Plus and Minus" article by Kneiling
November 1972 - The Ironies of Penn Central
April 1973 - Map of proposed abandonments entitled
October 1973 - Geographical map of "How much moves on the Penn Central"
January 1974 - Article by Kneiling, " The Regulatory Lag" addresses Penn Central
June 1974 - Kneiling article - "120 Years of Progress" mentions Penn Central
August 1974 - Article by David P Morgan "A conversation with A.E. Perlman"
November 1974 - "Extra Board Diary" by John R Crosby
January 1975 - 'GG-1 Repairs at Strasburg Shops

Penn Central Videos and DVDís:

Penn Central Volume I and Volume II, by Green Frog Video - Video and DVD
Penn Central Volume 2, by Green Frog Video - Video and DVD
Penn Central, by Revelation Video - Video and DVD
Whistler's Western Volume II
Vignettes of the Penn Central Volumes I & II, by Clear Block Productions

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