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Re: PC: Another Penn Central Book.

Hiya all---Mr. Reaves makes a good point, but a couple of things should be noted about using Southeastern and coal-hauling roads as a point of comparison to the Northeastern roads. Moving coal long distances by truck is not practical, so roads like C&O, NW and other coal roads didn't so much have to worry about competition for their core business (simplified, but true).   

Southern roads also were later in having to compete with trucks over the Interstate system because some of the last segments of the Interstate system were built in the "Heart of Dixie". I have very clear memories of getting onto/off of I-65 in Alabama because it was only complete in segments as late as the early 1970s. Southern states were also slower in allowing trucking advances like double-pup trailers. If I recall correctly, Alabama didn't allow double pups to come through until the late 80's or early 90's. 

Further, the roads of the South didn't have the huge urban concentrations that force railroads into the money-losing commuter business. It just strikes me that competiton among southeastern roads (viewed backwards in time since I am too young to recall it) seemed less of a blood sport than among the Northeastern roads. 

And, of course, everything I have just said could be wrong.

Back to you,

Patrick Harris
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