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PC: PC Failure was Another Penn Central Book.

>> But don't you think that Saunders, Perlman and Bevin deserve some of the blame? 

They absolutely do deserve some blame.  All those guys were in the business long enough to know better.  There was a definite lack of planning.  I'm finally reading "A Sampling of Penn Central", and the author, an operations guy, writes about the problems at Big Four Yard and the St. Louis gateway.  Simply a lack of planning.  The cost "savings" were implemented through closing small, old, inefficient yards, without first upgrading the capacity of the new main yards.  Also, the NH should be left out of this, as the PC never did want anything to do with them.  The freight service problems in the Southern Division had nothing to do with northeastern commuters.  Unfortunately, the railroad would be drained of cash even if the freight end worked as it should have, and I do believe bankrupcy would have only been delayed.  


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