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RE: PC: Another Penn Central Book.

Tony wrote .....

>I've read that at the time Perlman would have preferred a NYC-C&O-B&O
>merger, forcing the PRR to go with the N&W. Isn't that essentially what
>happened some thirty years later?

To the best of my knowledge, Tony, Perlman wanted the NYC with the C&O and 
tried to force the issue through the ICC.  C&O wanted nothing to do with the 
NYC and its commuters and high terminal costs in the east.  Yup, strange how 
things turned out from the Conrail split.  Perlman also thought NYC-C&O 
would be a stronger combo than PRR-N&W since he believed NYC's "modern 
railroading concepts" backed by C&O's coal money, would run circles around 
PRR's antiquated plant and volume service techniques.  With the way things 
are going today, however, that would appear not to be the case.   Just my 
two cents worth.

Thanks for keeping this thread going.

Steve Hipes
Columbus, Ohio

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