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Re: PC: Another Penn Central Book.

> Why? Could other mananagent have done better? 

> I disagree with Saunders, Perlman & Bevan being the cause of the problem. In my opinion, they are easy scapegoats. I put PC's failure was squarely on the shoulders of the goverment and the punitive rail policies of the era (not solely, but it was the biggest factor).

Amen. While Bevan is not highly regarded, Saunders and Perlman are generally recognized as some of the eras top leaders. Perlman especially was regarded as an innovator before and after Penn Central. Saunders is the only person recognized as Railroader of the Year twice by Railway Age.

I'm amazed that they were able to keep the mess afloat as long as they did, waiting for a turnaround in the industry that didn't come because it took something as big as the Penn Central failure to wake up the government.

Bryan Turner

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