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Re: PC: New Penn Central Book.

> I'm aware of the "Sampling of Penn Central" and the Yanosey "Penn Central Power"---out of print, right?---but other than that, I'm at a loss for knowledge. 

"Sampling..." was reprinted by Indiana University Press. Last time I checked their web page it was on sale.

"Wreck of the Penn Central" came out shortly after the bankruptcy. This book lacks the historical perspective that something written after Conrail would have. It's worth reading (maybe), but take everything with a large grain of salt. The author wants to blame senior management without any regard to the poor state of railroads in general (and Northeastern railroads in particular), and the adverse affect of government over-regulation. Now mainly a historical curiosity.

While "To Hell in a Day Coach" was written just before Penn Central, it's worth reading to see how railroads were viewed at the time. Like "Wreck of the Penn Central", though, it tells more about the attitudes of the time (especially the author's). Another historical curiosity.

Bryan Turner

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