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PC: Penn Central Power Redux

Hi again all----A year or so ago I was hectoring Robert Yanosey about doing a color guide for the Seaboard Coast Line (CGW gets a book and SCL doesn't?!?!). I took the time then to also ask about doing a version of Penn Central Power in COLOR, instead of black and white. I won't speak for him, but I think the idea has merit. As good as "PC Power" is in B&W, modeling is much better when you know what color the weathering is. Is it sludge, rust, sand streaking, oil or battery leakage? With PC, it could have been any/all of them! Further, it would be an entirely new offering with (hopefully) more pics seldom/never seen before. A reprint of the original would be as nice as it is unlikely, but a "brand extension" of "Penn Central Power: 13-D In Full Sort-of Color" would be a mighty fine thing. If anyone has his ear, consider whispering this into it


Patrick Harris
penngulf -AT- comcast.net
Where the Penn Central still rolls!

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