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Re: PC: Thoughts on title of New Penn Central Book

penngulf -AT- comcast.net wrote:

> What do you guys think? Was PC the pioneer in 1968, or was the Land of Kudzu first off the mark in 1967? 

Yes, the PC was the largest railroad merger up to that time, but I think 
most railroad historians would say that the Erie Lackawanna merger of 1960 
was probably what started the modern merger movement. There, you had two 
roads which saw the economies of reducing parallel routes and duplicate 
facilities, such as across the southern tier of New York state. After that 
you N&W absorbing the Virginian, Nickel Plate, and Wabash, C&O taking over 
the B&O (but operating them separately until Chessie System), ACL/SAL in 
1967 as previously mentioned, etc. So the EL would probably get my vote for 
"pioneer merger," if there even is such a thing.

Now, as for "pioneer in how not to merge," you definitely could say that PC 
would qualify.

Also, I see the Motorbooks is doing a Conrail Color History as well:

I had heard rumors about the PC history book from Motorbooks, but I'm glad 
to see it is finally coming out. I have their PRR color history book, but 
its not quite the same as this one, as starting with the New Haven book, 
they really beefed up the size, made them hardcover, and overall created a 
much nicer book, and all at a reasonable price.


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