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PC: other Penn Central Books.

While they are not photo books, there are "The Wreck of the Penn Central" and "No Way to Run a Railroad". You can see them here:



and of course the great Morning Sun book


Hope that helps!

Patrick Harris
penngulf -AT- comcast.net
Where the Penn Central still rolls!
> While we're on the subject of books:
> What exactly's out there in print about our beloved and beleaguered 'road?
> I'm aware of the "Sampling of Penn Central" and the Yanosey "Penn Central
> Power"---out of print, right?---but other than that, I'm at a loss for
> knowledge. I've been aiming to buy a couple of railroad books in the near
> term (Harry Stegmaier's PRR Passenger Consists book is on the short list)
> and was hoping to have some PC material to buy.
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
> Michael Worrell
> "You think you know what I'm doing, so obviously you don't."---Aeon Flux

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