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PC slides on ebay.

Hello my fellow PC fans...

         Has anyone seen the prices that original PC slides are getting
on ebay. About a year ago, I was buying PC slides off of ebay for 1 and
2 bucks tops. No one else was even bidding on the slides. Well those
days are over!
         Now "roster" type shots are pulling in 8 to 10 bucks in some
cases. Some of the shots aren't that great but the still bring some high
prices. Last summer, I bought an original slide of PC SD40 6275 when it
was brand new. I paid $1.75. That same slide would get at least 10
         One of the best PC slides I ever seen in my life was Chuck
French's shot of the PC cabin car with the auto racks in the background
loaded with Dodge Powerwagons. 
          I still can find some really great PC slides. At the last
train show in Allentown, I found some original slides of PC Flexi
Van/Mail train with clean black E8s on the point. And the were from .50
cents to a buck. The only bad thing is that Mark Branibar beat me to the
good stuff. He did leave me a few goodies. I think Mark can smell PC
slides from 1000 miles away.
        Last year's PC convention was another great PC slide find. When
Bob LaMay brought those slides to sell, it was a feeding frenzy! And by
the way, Bob is now selling PC slides on Ebay!!! That gold mine is now
closed. But there are still PC slide gold mines still out there. 

  Dave Hopson

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