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Re: PC: Cattle cars on TV-12

 I remember seeing in Bob Yanosey's PRR car color guide a photo of an 86' jobbie, along the lines of the NP/BN Big Pig Palaces. It was painted in an odd yellowy lime-green color, and marked for Food Fair. There was only one large car, followed by a few of the homemade converted 50' auto boxes. It was at Horseshoe...
 Don't know if this will help or mean anything, but I thought I'd contribute...

Steve Hipes <sthipes -AT- hotmail.com> wrote:
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After looking at a picture of TV-12, resplendent with a pair of 86' hi cube
cattle cars on the head end, I started thinking, I know these cars carried
hogs to a slaughterhouse in Philadelphia but which one? Was this the last
movement of livestock on Penn Central? I'm going to assume TV12's schedule
made it a "NF" i.e. No Feed train. Somehow, this movement lasted in the
Conrail years, 1979 for sure but maybe 1980 or even '81. I can check on
that. Any comments?


Steve Hipes
CP-130 Main Line Burt to Columbus

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