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Re: "PEN" caboose (was Re: PC: Bowser N8 paint schemes)

So the long and the short of it is It's A Mistake?
Good Lord.
 I agree with you, Jerry. Bowser's research people really need to wake up. Or at least learn to follow up on a car number a little more thoroughly. Now I can see the cab being used by someone as a gag item, either to jab the over-serious or to see who's paying attention. Otherwise, I agree that they'll be stuck with some excess inventory, and a fair amount of egg on their collective face.
 At least when Athearn made their EJ&E GP38-2, they researched that oddball unit before calling the paint shop...
 Oh well. Hopefully Bowser will redeem themselves by either dropping their kit MSRP's, or offering up something very needed as some form of penance.

Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com> wrote:
Here's the answer, from the magnificent George Elwood photo website:


The credit on that photo: "Jim Thorpe PA - 3/91 - {V.G. Aylward Photo}"

By doing a little more Googling I found that the caboose is privately owned
and parked on display in Jim Thorpe amongst the other privately owned
cabeese that surround the ex-CNJ station there. Here is another picture of
the same caboose from the Railroading in the North East web site:


I need to go through my slides and see if I shot that caboose or not. I've
only been to Jim Thorpe a half dozen times, and I know I've shot the LV
caboose, the two CNJ cabooses, and the Reading cabooses, but who knows if I
actually took 30 more seconds to shoot the PRR one...

According to a private e-mail that Patrick Harris sent me earlier today, he
got a response from Bowser saying the "PEN" caboose was sent to Bowser by a
customer. (Patrick, hope you don't mind me sharing that tidbit.)

So I might be wrong, but from what I can tell, Bowser has just released a
model of a caboose from 1991 that was under restoration and partially
repainted. If so, that doesn't say much about Bowser's prototype research
department. I found all of the above info using Google in less than 10
minutes. For Bowser's sake, I would love to have someone produce a photo of
the same caboose in the same scheme from the 1960s and prove me wrong, but
I don't have much hope of that happening. Otherwise, Craig Hatter will be
able to pick up a bunch of those "PEN" cabooses *real* cheap to strip and
repaint with official PCRRHS green a couple years from now. :-)


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