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Re: PC: Bowser N8 paint schemes

Maybe the PEN crummy is a misprint from "Pennsy." Or maybe someone boobed up the ad budget and didn't set enough aside to buy "Pennsylvania" or even "Pennsy."

Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com> wrote:

There was a roadname listing in the ad (duplicated on their web site), and
among them were the following:

56317 Penn Central
56313 "PEN" (sic)
56318 Penn Central, P logo
56319 Penn Central

Three different PC listings. What does that mean? I'm wondering if maybe
the 56318 item is a "red P" logo, but what's the difference between 56317
and 56319--perhaps one has the white belt line stripe and the full
lettering, and the other has more spartan lettering? And what is a "PEN"

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