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PC: Bowser N8 paint schemes

Today's Model Railroader appeared in my mailbox with plenty of ads for new 
products to take more money that I don't have. :-)  Besides the Atlas CNJ 
RS3 on the inside front cover that I'd love to have but don't need, there 
was an ad for the new Bowser N8 caboose kits. Despite listing for $30 each, 
I'll still have to buy myself a few.

There was a roadname listing in the ad (duplicated on their web site), and 
among them were the following:

56317 Penn Central
56313 "PEN" (sic)
56318 Penn Central, P logo
56319 Penn Central

Three different PC listings. What does that mean? I'm wondering if maybe 
the 56318 item is a "red P" logo, but what's the difference between 56317 
and 56319--perhaps one has the white belt line stripe and the full 
lettering, and the other has more spartan lettering? And what is a "PEN" 

Just wondering if someone on the list is "in the know" that might be able 
to elaborate on these permutations of paint.


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