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Re: PC: Rail Classics Production Samples of N5c

Hi Eddy,

     Took a look at your scans of the N5c. Excellent!  I have been
involved in the restoration of x-PRR N5c 477974 and I must say after
looking at your model and remembering back on our work, you got the
underframe down nicely.
    Just last weeks work session found us removing the last of the steel
plate floor from the 477974. All that is seen now is the main center
sill, the cross bearers, the angled bearers, appliances,  etc. Yours
looks really really close!

   I can't see your center sill very good but it does look correct.
Inspecting our center sill last week we seen this was constructed of
many pieces. Not just 2 U Channels running the length as originally
thought. It is constructed of Angles and Flat Steel all rivited together
to form the long Channels.. In HO Scale this would mean very little. But
anyway, just wanted to pat you on the back for the details you are
building into this model....Gary 

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