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PC: U30B's

Group:  This is to provide a potentially juicy Christmas present to all PC and NYC fans. 
We are currently working with Rail Tours Inc (Jim Thorpe, PA) to paint their recently acquired U30B to it's as-delivered NYC paint scheme.  We will leave it in that livery for a month or so.  It will then wear the FULL Penn Central paint scheme for a couple of months before finally being painted into a L&NE inspired corporate scheme.  The painting will be done through the newly formed group "Northeast Railroads Historical Society, INC" ( a non-profit historical society).  We will be soliciting donations to assist with the restoration.  Anyone interested in contributing funds or time may contact me off-list at kgjr1554@earthlink.net for more info.  I will forward all requests to the president of the society.  We are still developing various donation levels with appropriate rewards.
RailTours 2001 GE U30B ex R.P.Flynn 2001, exxSRNJ 2884, exxx SFL 2884, exxxxCR 2884, exxxxxPC 2884, Nee NYC 2884
Kermit Geary, Jr
Striving to keep the Penn Central name alive
so that future generations will know the name
of a great railroad.

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