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RE: PC: Couple of Questions

Many PC E units gave their power assemblies towards the "DeWitt Geep" 
rebuild program. I think Diesel Era magazine ran an article on some of 
Conrail's early rebuilding efforts. A stripped F7B (complete with a hole in 
the roof was used to haul the power assemblies around.

--Chris Osterhus

>A couple of questions, one PC related and one contemporary.
>First, does anyone know if PC and later Conrail used engines from E8's AND 
>E7's in the RS-3 MOD program?  Several E7 hulks sat around Altoona 1973 to 
>1977ish and I am wondering if they gave up their innards for the program 
>under Conrail or PC.  Since there were 96 RS-3 MOD's, at least 48 E's were 
>salvaged.  I suspect several of the earliest Amtrak E unit retirements that 
>sat around Altoona 1975-1977 also contributed but do not know for sure.  If 
>anyone can shed light on that issue, I would also appreciate the 

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