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PC: 2004 PC/Altoona Convention Update

Greetings PC Fans,

           Just wanted everyone to know that the PC Annual Convention is
on track. The dates are September 16th to the 18th at the Ramada Inn.
The rooms will be about 80 bucks. I'm still trying to get a lower price
if I can.
            The reason for the Ramada Inn is because the size of the
meeting rooms. Most of the other hotels meeting rooms were small. We may
get a large turnout at this year's convention due to the fact that it is
the 150th anniversary of the opening Horseshoe Curve. I've got a lot of
emails from about 20 PRRT&HS members who
want to attend the Convention. The PC/Altoona Convention has even been
posted on Jerry Britton's PRR-Keystone Crossing website. Now that's a
            So far, I have four slide shows set up including a slide
show on Altoona during the steam and diesel era. AND we are working on a
tour of the Juniata Shops and the Cresson Helper Facilities. 
             The word is getting out about the PC Historical Society and
this Convention. I will try to make this the best convention to date.  
Happy Holidays........

Dave Hopson

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