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PC: C-636 's and C-636's

I have an Alco site, and I am hoping somone could fill in the blanks for me on the C-630/6's for use on a PC C-630 & PC C-636 roster page..
Have no retirement, s/f/s, and scrapping dates.
6330 was wrecked @ Letionia, PA (date), (s/f/s?) scrapped by (who?)
6341 s/f/s to ? scrapped?
I am missing just about the same info as onthe C-636's. I know a few went to PNCX an NIMX, and Ibelieve MSAX. If anybody could fill me in on the dates for retirements, selling for scrap and scrapping, as well as who the units that would be great.


Nicholas Todd
Portland, OR

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