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PC: Great PC Photo in lastest Trains mag.

> Greetings
>        Just wanted to pass on a "PC" sighting in the lastest Trains
> Magazine. On the last page (90) of the magazine, there is a great color
> shot of a eastbound FlexiVan with four E units on the point at Hoffmans
> N.Y. Even though Trains mag. labeled the train as a "TrailVan", it is
> nice to see a Penn Central photo in any magazine nowadays.
>         How many of you guys remember the sound of four E units? How
> many remember seeing FlexiVans?
>     Dave Hopson

'Yes' to both, Dave!

Sure wish we still could today, though.

Terry Stuart
62 Beaver Street
Fallston, PA  15066
Overlooking BOTH CSX and NS 25mi. NW of Pittsburgh

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