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Re: PC: PRR/PC boxcar in Weirton

 It's a captive company car, all right. It may have reporting marks and numbers, but those are more for ownership purposes more than any sort of practical, traveling reason. Any kind of paintwork done is of the barely perfunctory nature, paint roller or Krylon usually.
 There's no surprise that the doors are gone. When steel mill captive cars get put into service, the first items to go are the breakables. The gons at Inland Steel, where my dad used to work, were little more than containers with wheels. While all had Inland marks and numbers, many still sported original heralds and body paint. All had severe blimping issues and even splits and gouges since they were used for hauling scrap for the furnaces. None had brakes. When a car got too ruined for practical service in the mill, it went into the furnace itself.

Jerry Jordak <jer -AT- smellycat.com> wrote:
Back in July, I was in Weirton, WV, doing some steel mill and NS action.
While photographing a coke train that had just arrived at the yard in
Weirton, a Weirton Steel switcher came out into the yard with a string of
what I believe to be boxcars used for in-plant service. (Not sure what they
carry in them). Many of them are missing their doors.

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